Hi everyone, getting TOO HOT even in May. How's doing thesedays? I watched AMAZING MOVIES that would be in best 10 of my favorite movies. The movies are "Interstellar"and "Girl, Interrupted". I can't explain well in English (maybe even in Japanese.lol), I'll try to write just short impressions and my thoughts about them.


The scean of Cooper in four dimensions made me cry. Like he tring to tell "STAY" to past self, Murfy realized the gorst was her dad who is assumed he deserted. I'm really moved by power of love in this story. After watched, I thought my known is not everything. We tend to think it is the all that we can see, hear, or whatever, but things might be exist where we can't see, we don't know. Nowadays, Paranormal is not solved, but we could be know what it was in the future...


Okay I'm already tired.. so next time write about "Girl, Interrupted".