I watched the Ultra Violet. It was a good action video, but was not movie. I couldn't understand what is going on in the story, but only I can say, Milla is SUPER COOL.

Okay, end this subject. Let me talk about today. I went to shopping with my mom to help with finding my mom's clothes. I found a good shirt for her in a 3 seconds, but she stayed 1 hour and half at the store! (I don't know how she spend the time!) So, I went to a book store, and browsed "Kimino suizo wo tabetai" while waiting her. I almost read it all. haha  After finished her shopping, I found the super discounted tops! It was just ¥390 !! Unbelivable!! It's from "w closet", so desine is nice and so on. And also I got a Yoga mat at DAISO for my work out. Its gonna help to move effectively. YEAH LET'S WORK OUT!!!